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Premium Pay-Per-View Platform For Your Fans.

1- Create collections

Upload your digital content, create collections, set your price

2- Link Your Chat Bots

All your active collections will be automatically available on all your bots.

3- Share & Sell

Promote your chat bots on your social media profiles. We will credit your account for each purchase.


Can I sell my adult digital content here?

Absolutely. Our platform is a private communication channel between you and your fan. But you have to keep in mind the local and the international regulations. You are solely responsible for your content.


How a digital creator is getting paid?

You get 95% of all the sales you make through our distribution channels. All sales are funneled to your account balance. Cash out available 24/7 in crypto currencies to your private wallet.


What chat platforms do you support?

At this moment we support Telegram. We are working on supporting whatsApp, Viber and other chat platforms are on the way.


Who is marketing my collections?

You. We do not list any collections publicly on our website. Remember, KinkyBids is a direct communication channel between you and your fans, not a marketing platform.


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