Why messengers?

There are a lot of platforms out there that offer such services for your followers, however, they might not be available in certain countries due to local regulations.

Our system helps you connect with your fans from all around the world easily and securely delivering content on demand on a pay-per-view basis.

We accept only stable coins for payments, which makes it safe and easy to sell more content all around the world even which gives your fans the security and privacy of enjoying your content without necessarily showing these expanses in the budget.

Another benefit of our model is that the content is available within the messenger and can not be blocked on a domain name based level, which makes your content available in these counties where other services are banned.

Also, the user can not download the media from the messenger, but only browsable as a message in the bot chat which makes your content secure against leaks and unauthorized using.

And finally, there is a magic to have early and personalized access to the unique content. The messenger experience is on a different level.

Sign-up now and try it. Its free.