How it works?

Pay per view system for your fans

If you every been asked to send a picture or a video, this is for you. Its time to make money out of your content and help your fans enjoy it 24/7 around the world.

1- Upload your content

It all begins with signing-up in this platform and putting together your collections. You can upload as much pictures as you have. Your original content is securely saved in our private cloud and is send to your customers ONLY after securing the payment.

2- Create your collection & set a price tag

Each original picture can be part of any collection you create. You can create as much collections as you want. Each collection has a name, description and a price tag along with the list of media files you included. Small size thumbnails are created automatically and publicly available. All the NSFW pictures are automatically blurred so you dont have to do a lot of editing on your own. The originals are securely delivered to your customers only after payment.

Collections availability can be paused at any time from your control pannel.

3- Create a bot in telegram or any other supported chat platform


  • Go to your telegram app and start the BotFather bot
  • Defined a unique name for your bot and copy the token
  • In your profile, go to the bots settings page
  • Create a new bot and set the name, short description and paste the bot token you copied above to the corresponding field.
  • Now, your bot is linked to our system, hit the "Save Changes To Telegram" button to apply the changes to the bot.
  • We will update the bot name, short description and set the menu button for you with your own unique web-app that lists all your active collections with previews & prices.
  • You can try this here to see how it works

We highly recommend to use a premium telegram account as these accounts have more delivery capabilities such as media quantity per post and the size of each delivered item etc.

4- Promote your chat bots on your SM platforms

You can add direct links to your telegram bots to your social media profiles and link services so that your fans who prefers to securely check out your content have access and purchase the content in crypto currencies.

5- Get paid 24/7

All the payments are listed in your control panel at, you can cash out your funds manually in stable coin SOLANA USDT at any time.